My name is Gina and I’m the proud owner and artist behind Event Painting with Gina. I truly feel I have the best job in the world, and as I get in front of my easel every night, I’m still incredibly honored I get to preserve your most special moments and incredible love stories. I’ve had the pleasure of painting for over 30 couples already, with another 50 on the books for this year and it’s been an absolute dream! 

Apart from the couple, I am dedicated to all the little details that make a night worth remembering. The topper on your cake, the party favors sitting on the table, the detail on the linens you chose, that one crystal on the chandelier that made it sparkle just right during your first dance, the props the DJ gave out that now sit on an unused chair, that remind you of that one song that played that night. My goal is to paint all the little things that make up a big celebration! A wedding is such an incredible event, you spend months to years planning for everything to be perfect and that should be shown off as much as the happy couple! 

Having been a bride myself a few years ago, I’m fully in tune with all the things brides deal with as they plan and I want to be the easiest part of that for you. I pride myself on being there for brides with a variety of aesthetic styles, budgets, preferences and I have a lot of helpful tips and patience on top of it all. I hope to be able to be apart of your day and paint you a Keepsake that will last generations. 

Hi There Gorgeous!